Welcome to Heads of State

We feature the finest in Trophy Presentation Wall Panels

Our panels are custom made to represent any of the 50 United States, all countries, providences, continents or any area where game is found!

  • Show off your deer from Michigan
  • ...or your trophy fish from Connecticut
  • Don't forget your birds, fowl and exotics
  • Available in standard, large and custom sizes
Our Standard size panel is ideal for most antler, horn or European style skull mounts and most fish species, fowl and small game. Large sized panels are ideal for larger whitetail, African plains game, Rams, Hogs and large fish species.


Custom Panels

Choose your Heads of State custom panel for your state and further customize it with your choice of our signature patterns or a custom pattern that suits you and the trophy you are displaying. Get a panel from each state and enjoy the hunt!

NEW!!!  See our new Turkey Panels & really show off that hard won trophy with style.


Try our unique mounting bracket for all your European style skull mounts.  The Head Hanger bracket is easy to install, even easier to mount your trophy perfectly every time, allowing you to fine tune your left/right angle for that perfect display!

Don’t forget to add a pewter magnet.  Choose the species, from spike buck to flying partridge and place it in the location where you enjoyed that special hunt.


Wholesale inquiries welcome!
Contact Gene Gill at 860-916-3268 or 8point@snet.net
(taxidermists, suppliers, outfitters and retail outlets only please)

Proudly Made in the USA